The Gender Wage Gap: Lies, Myths, and Lies

How many times have you heard ”Women make 75¢ for every dollar a man makes’’? Or ”Women earn 23¢ less than men?’’ Probably many.

The amount women earn for each dollar a man makes changes all the time depending on who you hear it from. The reason being is that it was a lie passed on from person to person, and every time it was passed on, the teller would exaggerate or minimize the original amount, creating multiple different amounts. It is similar to stories of old; they were passed on from one generation to the next, and every generation would add or change a bit of the story, and by the end, it would be a completely different story from the original and there would be ten different versions.

There may be a few studies out there stating women make less than men due to evil, misogynist male employers being prejudiced against women and paying them less, but the extreme majority of those studies were made by feminists and only compare men versus women overall or full-time working women vs full-time working men overall. None of those feminist-conducted studies compared men and women within a same company, with the same job and job title, who have been working for the company just as long, working the same amount of hours each week, with the same flexibility (ability to work extra hours), with the same credentials & experience(s), who chose not take any maternity leave.

For years now, feminists have perpetuated this lie; the lie that women earn less than men due to discrimination on male employers’ part. I shall now put this lie to rest.

The origins of the wage gap are unknown, but in 1963, the Government of the United States of America passed a law–the Equal Pay Act of 1963–prohibiting sex-based wage discrimination between men and women in the same establishment who are performing under similar working conditions. Why are you, as a woman, not suing your employer for sex-based discrimination if you’re so sure you’re being discriminated against in the form of lower pay? If you work for a big corporation, you could become rich enough that you never have to work another day in your life! Let me tell you why you’re not suing your employer: because your employer is not discriminating against you, and neither are 98% of all the other employers out there. Male employers can risk their luck breaking the law to save a few cents here and there, just like female employers can, but it is extremely rare, and if it does happen, the employees end up suing their employer for billions of dollars and you hear about it on the news for weeks. Also keep in mind that men tend to be more aggressive in their negotiations and as a result, are promoted more often than women and receive a higher starting salary. Keep in mind there is no incentive for employers to only pay a specific group less as employers wish to save money, and will pay anyone as little as possible!

Another recent study made by the New York Times found out that in big American cities, young men make 20¢ less per hour than young women. Yes, you read it correctly: in big American cities, men make less than women. Just like women making less, it’s not due to discrimination, but their own choices.

Ask yourself this: if a woman and a man both had the same education and experience(s), and worked just as hard, why would anyone hire a man over a woman considering the woman is cheaper? Why would anyone buy a can of Pepsi for $2.50 if they can get it for $1.00? Imagine how much money an employer could save by having an all female staff! Let’s do a quick calculation:

30¢ x 40 hours = $12/week
$12 x 1,000 employees = $12,000/week
$12,000 x 52 week = $624,000/year*
*Based on the average work time of 40 hours a week, the average lie that a woman makes 70% of what a man makes, and assuming the company has 1,000 workers.

That’s a lot of money! If you think the calculations are wrong, verify them for yourself! Imagine how much money international fast-food corporations such as McDonald’s would save!

The wage gap is not due to discrimination, but women’s own choices…and missing work more frequently!

For more information, I recommand you visit the following news articles:


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