WordClash is a blog (short for web log) dedicated towards posting accurate and unbiased news regarding current hot topic issues, such as abortion, politics, etc. The primary goal of WordClash is to let its readers voice their opinions on these forementioned issues. I will try to write about an issue every week so check the blog often.

The official site of WordClash is located at http://wordclash.co.cc. Visit the official site to vote on issues, and more! Note that it is still under construction.

If you know of any current controversial issues you feel would be important to discuss, feel free to email me at admin@wordclash.fwh247.com or use the contact form below.


The Official Site

You can also visit the official site at http://wordclash.co.cc. Both this blog and the official site will be synchronically updated until I decide to focus on the official site.

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